Seamless Garmin and Strava Integration

Unlock your full potential by combining your Garmin and Strava data in one powerful platform. Runner Network effortlessly syncs your running data, helping you stay focused on your training and personal goals. Perfect for serious runners aiming for the Boston Marathon or sub-3-hour marathons.

Advanced Running Analytics

Dive into a world of cutting-edge running analytics tailored for high-performance athletes. Gain deep insights into your training, identify trends, and fine-tune your workouts to achieve peak performance. Runner Network offers a comprehensive suite of analytic tools designed to elevate your training and push your limits.

Weekly Running Map Overview

Visualize your training journey with a dynamic weekly running map that showcases your routes and achievements. Runner Network provides an intuitive overview of your running routes, helping you to stay engaged with your training, assess your progress, and plan for future workouts.

Weekly & Monthly Progress Tracking

Stay motivated and on track with personalized weekly and monthly progress reports. Set challenging goals and monitor your progress with detailed visualizations that highlight your achievements and areas for improvement. Runner Network empowers you to stay accountable and focused on your marathon training journey.

Friendly, Competitive Leaderboard

Ignite your competitive spirit and engage in friendly rivalry with fellow club members on the Runner Network leaderboard. Compare your progress and achievements with other elite runners, motivate each other, and celebrate milestones as a community. Unlock new levels of determination and drive as you strive to climb the ranks.

Expert Coaching and Community Support

Connect with experienced coaches and a dedicated community of like-minded runners. Receive personalized feedback, tailored training advice, and share your experiences with fellow athletes. Runner Network provides an exclusive platform for collaboration and growth, helping you stay committed and inspired throughout your training journey.



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